CapresAnchois X DragonEliott

Pursuing our collaboration with the Folie Douce crew, we asked their captain Dragon Eliott to take some pictures at a small shipyard in Liège.

By the way the next Folie Douce party this friday is gonna be awesome !
Win two entries and a hat for this sold-out event by sharing this blogpost either on Facebook (public post) or Twitter !
On thursday we will randomly pick a winner and announce it on our social media accounts.

dragoneliott capresanchois eliott2 eliott3 eliott5eliott4

Photos credits : Dominique Bernard

Folie Douce X Câpres & Anchois

« Team work makes the dream work »

We associate with people that are close to us and Folie Douce is definitely like family to Câpres & Anchois.
So we decided to show our mutual support and we teamed up to bring you an official Folie Douce snapback hat.

They’re having a party with a crazy line-up in Paris  so we decided to join in !
Catch us at Paris Social Club on thursday the 14th of August.

Link to the Facebook Event