Screen-printing Process

screenprinting capresanchois streetwear

Screen-printing is a printing process that dates back to the Song dynasty in China (960-1279 AD).

Later it has spread around the world and different cultures and it really was popularized as an artistic technique during the 60’s in the United States of America.

We decided to use this process because it ensures intense color that lasts over time and also good opacity.

Our T-shirts are printed by hand with water-based inks, because we want to keep a high level of quality and craftsmanship and we believe in preserving the environment.



CapresAnchois X DragonEliott

Pursuing our collaboration with the Folie Douce crew, we asked their captain Dragon Eliott to take some pictures at a small shipyard in Liège.

By the way the next Folie Douce party this friday is gonna be awesome !
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On thursday we will randomly pick a winner and announce it on our social media accounts.

dragoneliott capresanchois eliott2 eliott3 eliott5eliott4

Photos credits : Dominique Bernard

BMX Afternoon

Last week we gathered with the belgian rider Thomas Delhaye and shot a couple of cool pictures at the « Mémorial Interallié » in Cointe.capresanchois bmx Cointe Thomas capresanchois snapback thomas capresanchois wallride bmx Photos credits : Dominique Bernard